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About the Author - Amy P. Thomas

Amy P. Thomas is a military wife and the mother of two beautiful daughters, Alexa and Grace. She has been a teacher for the last thirty-one years and is also a blogger. She lives in Paoli, Pennsylvania, with her family and her dog, Wilson. Amy had a goal of writing a children's book for as long as she could remember. It Smells Like Tuesday was born from an actual experience of leading a group of second graders to the cafeteria one day and having a "smelly" conversation with one of the students leading the line. Her message is quite simple to all budding authors, young and old. She advises everyone to always look, listen, feel, and SMELL the world around them. Wake up your senses, for there are endless stories waiting to be told. She says you can do anything you set your mind to by following your dreams, working hard, and being persistent.

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Amy Thomas has taken a moment that lurks in the minds and noses of every kid and turned it into an artful and entertaining story that kids of all ages will recognize and enjoy.

Jerry Spinelli • Best Selling Author of "Stargirl" 
and "Maniac Magee"

Tyler loves to smell things, and he remembers every smell he’s ever smelled. He even puts his favorite in a jar for safe-keeping! Join Tyler as he sniffs out new scents to save on a day back at school.

It Smells Like Tuesday!
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Have you ever smelled something, and the scent immediately took you to a specific place and time? A little boy named Tyler never wants to forget his favorite smells. He bottles them up, adds a label, and puts each one neatly on his bedroom shelf to smell whenever he wants. 

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